NV-5 (5 Steps)

Digital Power Factor Regulator

  • True RMS Measurement
  • LED Step Indication
  • Automatic / Manual Step Operation
  • Automatic or Manual C.T. Polarity
  • Automatic C/K Detection or User Preset
  • Automatic or User Preset Switching Sequence
    (rotational for same size grouping)
  • Operation from 1% Load
  • Viewable Parameters:
    V, I, Cos φ, PF, Hz, W, Var, THD-V, THD-I,
    Harmonics Spectrum up to 15th order for V &
    I (secondary values for I, W, Var)
  • Individual Capacitor Step Info:
    -Hour run (accumulative)
    -Usage count (accumulative)
    -Secondary 1-phase Var value (present)
  • Programmable Over Voltage & THD-V alarm
  • Alarm Information:
    -Under / Over Compensate
    -Under / Over Voltage
    -Overload, THD-V Limit High
  • User selectable capacitor protection for
    Over voltage & THD-V
  • Selectable Contact for Signal Alarm Output or
    Exhaust Fan Output
  • External Plug-in Module for:
    A-01s / A-01sp (RS-485 Modbus RTU) isolated type
  • Software Lock to prevent unauthorized
    modification of parameters
  • Complies with:
    IEC 61000-6-2 / 6-4 Standards
    IEC 60255-27-Clause / 4.3
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