A high Quality Control in compliance with international standard

The New Generation of Protection Devices

DP Series

They are designed purely for the purpose of protection against current faults such as over current, short circuits, earth faults and earth leakages. Equipped with digital display, important information such as setting and operation parameters, real-time faults, tripping histories and indication of previous tripped elapsed time are easily available for a more precise fault analysis. Multiple firmware algorithms (notably SPARC¹, DCOI² and Fundamental Signal Detection³) have been integrated into these devices which makes them extremely responsive yet precise while maintaining high immunity against EMI and nuisance tripping. DP series of protection relay truly belongs to the next generation that will lead the expectation of future protection devices.

The Future Generation of Power Meters


It is more than impressive. PQM will change the engineers’ expectation of future power meters. Designed not only for purpose of power quality monitoring, it is also a very informative tool for simple on-the-spot analysis with quite a long list of user-friendly features. Other than measurement of all standard and relevant electrical parameters, its graphical LCD will display real-time signal waveforms, spectrum harmonic bar graphs and phasor diagrams for both voltage and current signal. It not only triggers the analytical mind of the engineers, it does make the analyzing job so much easier to understand too. So user-friendly is the PQM, there’s no need for the operation manual at hand to operate all of its functions.