Earth Leakage Relay | DP-10



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Current Input (••n) ZCT (multiple sizes from ID of 25~200mm)
Measurement Range 0.005 ~ 30.0 A
Output Relay Rating SPDT 5A, 250V AC/DC
Display 7-Segment LED (3 + 1digit)
Indication (LEDs) mA, pre-alarm, fault, fault start event,
lo / hi trip
Operating Temp. 0ºC ~ +55ºC
Humidity 56 days at 93%RH, 40ºC non-condensing
IP Rating IP54 (front panel)
Weight 230 g
••n >: lo-set 30mA~5.00A
0.03~1.00A (step of 0.01A)
1.00~5.00A (step of 0.05A)
•>: lo-set trip delay time 0.03s~20.0s
0.03s~0.10s (step of 0.01s)
0.10s~1.00s (step of 0.02s)
1.0s~20.0s (step of 0.1s)
••n >>: hi-set OFF or 0.1A~20.0A (step of 0.1A)
•>>: hi-set trip delay time fixed @ 30ms



- True RMS Measurement with SPARC1 and
DCOI2 Algorithm

- Fundamental Signal Detection3

- Real Time Display of I•n in mA/A

- Fault / lo-set & hi-set Trip LED Indication

- Fault Start Event Recording &
LED Indication + Output4

- Pre-Alarm LED Indication + Output4

- Trip Event Memory
(non-volatile 7 previous records)

- Fault Start Event Memory
(non-volatile 4 previous records)

- Programmable Relay Output contact for K2

- Last Trip Elapsed Time (up to 99days)

- Software Lock to Prevent Unauthorized Setting

- Complies with IEC-60255-26 Standards

- External Plug-in Module for :-
A-01s (RS-485 MODBUS RTU) isolated type

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